About Us

Nepal police school, a non -profit making; co-educational day school established in 2055 B.S. under welfare program of Nepal police organization is especially to provide an academic previlege to the children of Nepal police family.
Through this school is established under the welfare

programme of Nepal police organization, it imparts quality education to the children of police and general public in nominal fees.

This school welcomes and enrolls students of all faiths, races and background. Nepal police school believes that academic excellence should go hand in hand with social and emotional growth.

We believe a school should guideline a proper roadmap to future of every child so quality and competitive education that can fulfill the demands of 21st century is the basic principle of this school.

Mission Statement

“Better schooling for ideal citizens”

Aim and objectives

Nepal police school, samakhusi has some clear and definable goals and objectives. The first objective of the school is to fulfill the demand of the national curriculum. So as this institution is under welfare program of Nepal police organization, the school aims to provide an academic privilege to the children of Nepal police family and, together it is also for selected civilians children as well.

We focus on quality education for holistic development of children. This school is also trying for promoting itself in to higher secondary level with different academic streams.



Nepal police school is located at Ranibari, Samakhusi. This is centrally located, at the core of valley. The school is away of crowd. The school is situated in peaceful location.